The Hands in Exile

The Hands in Exile

The Hands in Exile
Random House, 1983

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Many of our younger poets are turning away from the hyperconscious self-absorption that marks contemporary poetry and are instead centering their work on the broader social, political, and emotional issues of the world… Susan Tichy’s The Hands in Exile is a fine example of such writing. Ms. Tichy, living on an Israeli kibbutz in the war-shocked Mideast, gives us a landscape that presents two inseparable faces–one, starkly beautiful and mysterious; the other, ripe with the potential for sudden violence. The poems not only reveal a woman’s personal explorations: they provide human proportions for an area we measure mainly through headlines. — Steven Ratiner, The Christian Science Monitor

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Susan Tichy writes in the assured manner of a person who has sought self-identity and has found it amidst a land occupied with exiles and refugees. — Kathy Pustejovsky

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It’s the small details that triumph–the feel and smell and look of things, scraps of the senses and scraps of overheard conversations, the off-handedness of life as it is really lived… Susan Tichy…has written a book not only good enough to sell: it is strong enough to influence the poetry that comes after her. — Publisher’s Weekly

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Poems from The Hands in Exile

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