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42 opus (2006): A Visit to the Underworld Can Permanently Alter Your Perspective on ‘Restless Existence’

42 opus (2007): Dear with Extremes of Thirst and Pain (with Adrian Lurssen)

Alec Finlay’s Sweeney’s Bothy / Bothan Shuibhne Project:
Sweeney Sierra: a conversation with Susan Tichy

Apartment Poetry (2015): an excerpt from In Purpose at My Booke

Beloit Poetry Journal archives: 21 poems & counting (1981-2015)

Beloit Poetry Journal Poet’s Forum (March 2013): blog post about
“That the Earth Is Not Only Supported by Their Strength but Fed by Their Ruin,”
in conversation with other poets from the Long Poem issue:
Margaree Little, A.E. Stallings, Dawn Potter, Philip Metres, Bruce Bond

Beloit Poetry Journal Poet’s Forum (Aug 2010): blog post about “A Ghost”

Cerise Press (2013): Geologue Picks Up a Pebble and Says to Us: See!, Murray Wrote
Mountaineering in Scotland, Unfinished Mountain Finished with Words

Cerise Press (2011): Ballast; An Old Scat Full of Red Fur; Walked with the Feet, Warred with Their Arms

Cerise Press: A Journal of Literature, Arts & Culture (2011):
Political Awareness, Social Consciousness, and Memory in Susan Tichy’s Poetry:
an interview by Greta Aart

Clade Song (2016): Small Volcano of a Mushroom, Pushing through Soil;
Pockets of Detail, Unsurrounded

Evening Will Come (2013): An excerpt from Hairst & a statement of poetics, “Equal Meadows,”both in the Mixed Form issue

Fascicle #3 (2007): Desk & Chair, Bridge Fight, Bone Pagoda

Fascicle #2 (2006): He Does Not Know He Is a Bird (with Adrian Lurssen)

Free Verse (2017): After Paradise; For Eighty Miles; Beyond Temporary, Like Snow Flurry; The Stones of Tamburlaine’s Army

Free Verse (2014): Leg Muscle Finds a Mountain Where the Eye Finds Only This or That, Alive, Isolaria, Of Half the Views I Have Yet Said Nothing

Free Verse (2009): Expression of Facts

Free Verse (2007): My Brother’s Name Is Babylon, No Copied Species Are Fooled

 How a Poem Happens (3 Jan 2011): Susan Tichy on the writing of “Nui Sam,”
an interview by Brian Brodeur

iO #1 (2011): Lines Called Map Are Different from Lines Called Song, It’s a Laughingly
Small Piece of the Mountain that Fell

The Missouri Review, Poem of the Week (22 Feb 2015): A Walk Is Fact for the Walker and Fiction for Everyone Else

Plumwood Mountain: an Australian journal of ecopoetry and ecopoetics (2016): Route Sketched on a Map as if Walking

Plumwood Mountain: an Australian journal of ecopoetry and ecopoetics (2017):
Avalanche Theory; In Country That Is Rough but Not Difficult, One Sees Where One Is & Where One Is Going at the Same Time; 6 prose poems from Sweeney on Eigg: A Dictionary of His Days & Nights.

Practice: New Writing + Art #2 (2007): The Walk You Take & the Walk You Make:
An Interview with Alec Finlay

Quiddity: International Literary Journal & Public Radio Program (2015):
A conversation with Tracy Zeman about Trafficke,
with an excerpt from “In Purpose at My Booke.”

The Road North (3): Kinloch-Rannoch (2010): Many Things, Sea Foam for Instance,
a mesostic poem imbedded in this landscape and textual journey
by Alec Finlay and Ken Cockburn, following Basho through Scotland

Spacecraftprojects (2013): Rockfall on a Cliff Hidden by Trees; Tent Book;
The Mountains Flew Over the Water as Birds; At a Rockslide Ending in Willow,
a Larkspur Taller than Willow A Journal of the Built + Natural Environments (2017): In the 15th Chapter on Infinity, Try to Arrest One Detail

Tupelo Quarterly (2018): To Speak of One Is to Speak of the Other

Twelve or Twenty Questions (June 2010): an interview by Rob Mclennan

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6 poems from A Smell of Burning Starts the Day (Wesleyan, 1988)

Forms of Temptation, on the writing of A Smell of Burning Starts the Day,
from Tracks in the Snow: Essays by Colorado Poets,
edited by Ray Gonzalez. Mesilla Press, 1989.

7 poems from The Hands in Exile (Random House, 1983) – coming soon

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