Photo: Brandon Moore-McNew, 2014
Photo: Brandon Moore-McNew, 2014

Sources that proved most reliable, and/or most useful for other reasons:

Emerson, Sue & Don McGruther. Wha’s Like Us? Magruders in America [Emerson], MacGrouthers in Scotland before 1855 [McGruther]. Privately printed (CD & book), 2007.

  • Don McGruther scoured Scottish public records for traces of McGruders/MacGrouthers.
  • Sue Emerson attempted to compile the genealogies of all of Alexander Magruder’s recorded descendants.

Ewell, Alice Maude. A Virginia Scene: or Life in Old Prince William. Lynchburg: J.P. Bell Company, 1931. Repr. (n.d.) by Prince William County Historical Commission. Excerpt, “Ellen MacGregor Ewell,” in Yearbook of the ACGS (1915) 39-44.

  • Ellen McGregor Ewell was a daughter of John Smith “Captain Jack” Magruder, who in 1820 changed all his children’s names to McGregor. She married the first Dr. Jesse Ewell and in 1830 moved with him to the then pioneer county of Prince William Virginia. In this memoir, her life and times are rendered by her granddaughter.

Kurz, Charles G. “McGruder Lineage in Scotland to Magruder Family in America.” Yearbook of the ACGS LXIII (1979) 53-72.

  • Kurz pays lip service to the tradition of Clan Gregor connection, but the meat of his research concerned the McGrouthers / Magruders.

Kurz, Charles G. “Margaret Campbell of Keithick.” Yearbook of the ACGS LXII (1978) 55-65.

  • Focuses on Alexander McGruder/Magruder’s mother & her lineage.

Kurz, Charles G. Research notebooks. ACGS Series IX, Box 10. University of Baltimore, Lansdale Library Special Collections.

MacGregor, Gordan A.C. The Red Book of Perthshire. Rev. edition. Privately printed, 2008. Electronic book. 491-492.

MacGregor, John. The McGrouthers of Meigor in Glenartney. Exeter: William Pollard, n.d. Rpt from The Genalogist, XXXV, Jan 1919. [pamphlet reprint]

McGruther Memorial, Tulliechettle Graveyard
Photo: Susan Tichy, 2014

McGruther Memorial, Tulliechettle Graveyard Photo: Susan Tichy, 2014Magruder, Henry Latham. Correspondence 1894-1909. American Clan Gregor Society Collection, Series IX, Box 10. University of Baltimore, Langsdale Library Special Collections.

Sarson, Steven. Yoeman Farmers in a Planters’ Republic:Socioeconomic Conditions and Relations in Early National Prince George’s County, Maryland. Journal of the Early Republic 29 (Spring 2009). 63-99.

  • George and Sarah Magruder, of Anchovie Hills, are one of the families studied.

And a few more:

Dorsey, Maxwell J. and Jean Muir Dorsey. “Martha Jane Magruder Dorsey, A Descendant of Nathaniel Magruder, Son of Alexander Magruder, the Immigrant.” Yearbook of the ACGS 1938. 58-85.

  • Includes extracts of wills, including that of Sarah Magruder in 1805.

Ewell, Jesse. “The First Born.” Yearbook of the ACGS (1916) 18-19.

Ewell, Jesse. “A Reminiscence and Reflection.” Yearbook of the ACGS, 1920. 52-54.

  • A descendant of John Smith Magruder through his daughter Ellen McGregor. Includes the fifty happy darkies, and other fantasies of antebellum life.

Magruder, C.C. Colonel Ninian Beall. Washington: Historical Papers of the Society of Colonial Wars in the District of Columbia, No. 6 (1911). [pamphlet]

Magruder, Caleb Clarke, Jr. “John Magruder of Dunblane.” Yearbook of the ACGS 4th gathering. Includes his will. DATE

Magruder, Caleb Clarke, Jr. “Nathan Magruder of ‘Knave’s Dispute’.” Yearbook of the ACGS 6th gathering. Includes his will.  DATE

Magruder, Herbert Thomas. “Alexander’s Landing: An Episode in the Life of Alexander Magruder, Maryland Settler.” Yearbook of the ACGS (1932) 35-38.

  • …in which Alexander strides ashore singing “MacGregor’s Gathering,” a song written by Sir Walter Scott about 150 years later.

Magruder, James Mitchell. “Alexander Magruder: Scotch Immigrant, Maryland Planter.” Yearbook of the ACGS (1935) 42-55.

Magruder, Rev. James M. “How the Name MacGregor Became Magruder.” Yearbook of the American Clan Gregor Society, 1920. 48-51

  • A phantasm of phonetics.

Magruder, Kenneth Dann. “Ninian Magruder, Pioneer.” Yearbook of the ACGS (1928) 97-103.

Parsons, Milton A., comp. “Magruder Wills in Maryland.” Yearbook of the ACGS VOL/YEAR/PAGES [listed by county, 1698-1850]

Tichy, Margaret Bubb, comp. Unpublished genealogical notes and family letters on the Magruders and related families in Maryland.

Wilfong, James C. “Anchovie Hills.” Yearbook of the ACGS (1994). 60-61. Rpt from Calvert Independent, Prince Frederick, Maryland.

Upper Glen Artney / Photo: Susan Tichy, 2014Upper Glen Artney / Photo: Susan Tichy, 2014

Glen Artney from Trion House Photo: Susan Tichy, 2014
Glen Artney from Trian House / Photo: Susan Tichy, 2014

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