Video: A reading & conversation with Tracy Zeman & Jessica Anthony, at Bates College, 21 Apr 2021. In some browsers you can use these links: the reading & the conversation. I cannot play them on Firefox, but they work on Safari, so here are links to cut & paste.



Audio: “In the 15th Chapter on Infinity, Try to Arrest one Detail,” a journal of the built + natural environments. 18 Oct 2017.

Audio: “Pockets of Detail, Unsurrounded” & “Small Volcano of a Mushroom Pushing through Soil,” Clade Song. 2016.

Video: Counterpath Press + Bookstore + Gallery + Performance Space, Denver, July 2011. Poems from Bone Pagoda, Gallowglass, & The Avalanche Path in Summer 

Video: Beloit Poetry Journal 60th Anniversary Reading, AWP Conference, Denver, April 2010. Stork, winner of the Chad Walsh Poetry Prize from BPJ & Come Back Each Summer to See How Far Your Favorite Rock Has Moved

Audio: George Mason University, March 2007. 8 poems from Bone Pagoda, with intro by Eric Pankey

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